"Veshikk Urk was once my greatest rival in the order of the shadow assassins on Urkupp, but Cela stole his dignity and reduced him to a slavering monster."
―Khem Val.[src]

Veshikk Urk was a Dashade Shadow Killer and servant of Ortan Cela, the apprentice of Tulak Hord. He was the greatest rival of his fellow Dashade assassin Khem Val, who served under Lord Hord's command. Khem Val considered Veshikk a weakling and a slave to Ortan Cela.

Veshikk Hurk survived up until the Cold War. Around 3643 BBY, he had relocated to Motesta on planet Tatooine with a few Sith followers, but he was eventually defeated by Khem Val and his new master, the Lord Kallig.

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