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Veshok was a species of slow-growing tree, native to the Outer Rim world of Mandalore.[1] Veshok trees grew abundantly on Mandalore, and veshok forests covered most of Mandalore's northern hemisphere, stretching nearly as far as the planet's polar ice caps.[2] Through the years, numerous Mandalorians elected to make their homes in the branches and trunks of the hardy trees. However, when the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Mandalore during the Vong's invasion of the galaxy, a large percentage of Mandalore's veshok forests were destroyed in the resulting battle, and the tree-based communities that made the veshok forests around Mandalore's capital city, Keldabe, their home, were completely wiped out. Although, by the year 40 ABY, Mandalore's veshok forests were beginning to return, growing back toward their former prominence.[1]

Veshok trees produced hard, sturdy wood. It was not uncommon for Mandalorians to put veshok wood to good use, constructing furniture,[2] toys, fencing and gateposts,[3] and even homes.[1] Kyrimorut, a refuge for clone trooper deserters from the Galactic Republic's Grand Army both during and after the end of the Clone Wars, and the home of the Mandalorian Skirata clan, was located near a large number of veshok trees and made use of the trees' strong wood in various aspects of the Mandalore bastion, even using split and chopped pieces to burn for firewood. A portion of the large vheh'yaim's furniture was carved from veshok wood, and veshok was even used in the creation of the homestead's roba pin.[3] Veshok Squad, a special forces unit of clone commandos within the Grand Army of the Republic's Special Operations Brigade were named for the tough wood.[2]

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Veshok trees first appeared in Star Wars canon in the Legacy of the Force novel, Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice, written by author Karen Traviss and published May 29, 2007.


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