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"My name. Ce'na. You don't think anyone names their kids 'Vette,' do you?"

Vette, born Ce'na, was a female Twi'lek pirate, assassin, and companion of the Empire's Wrath. Born into slavery, Vette stumbled into her profession of choice after encountering the famous pirate Nok Drayen.[1]

During the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, Vette breached Imperial defenses on Korriban and gained entry into the Sith temples on the planet's surface. However, she was captured and brought to the Sith academy, where she came into contact with the Sith apprentice who later became known as the Emperor's Wrath. Vette would subsequently join the warrior on their travels across the galaxy.[3]

Vette remained in the Wrath's service throughout the Galactic War, though when the Wrath vanished when the Eternal Empire entered the conflict, she rejoined the criminal underworld, where she became a partner to Gault Rennow.[4] Together, they aided the Outlander in the revolt against Arcann and later, Vaylin's rule, as members of the Alliance.[4][5]


Early lifeEdit

Ce'na was born a slave on Ryloth. She never knew what happened to her father. At an early age, she was separated from her sister, Tivva, and mother, and sold to a series of minor crime lords, including one called "Three Eyes". When the legendary pirate of the Syndicate Wars, Nok Drayen, destroyed the holdings of Three Eyes, Ce'na, along with the other slaves, was given a choice. They could be free and find their own path in the galaxy or join Nok Drayen in his many exploits, Ce'na deciding upon the latter. She became a pirate and traveled through much of the known galaxy.

During her time with Drayen, Ce'na, now calling herself Vette, learned several tricks to get in and out of places she wasn't supposed to. She even befriended Drayen's daughter, Risha, and they became as close as sisters. Years later, Drayen mysteriously and suddenly released all his people from service. Vette was left on Nar Shaddaa where she gathered other young, idealistic Twi'leks, including Taunt, Plasmajack, and Flash, and used her criminal skills to rob and ruin those who would exploit Ryloth's cultural artifacts and people, starting with the Duros Cada Bliss. She also worked as a hired assassin.

Service to the SithEdit

"I've found a place. I'm going to stay put for a while."


During the Cold War, Vette was imprisoned—for the sixteenth time—on Korriban with a shock collar fitted around her neck, repeatedly shocked by the jailer Knash for her insolent attitude. She was soon called upon to assist a powerful Sith Warrior in breaching the Tomb of Naga Sadow. For helping the Warrior, the Sith removed her shock collar, but assured that it didn't mean her freedom.

As she travelled with the Warrior, Vette often talked about her history and joked around with the Sith. She eventually located her old band of Twi'lek friends and Cada Bliss back on Nar Shaddaa. The Duros was in possession of the Star of Kala'unn, a "priceless piece of Twi'lek history", and sought to get it back. After defeating Bliss and his Kaleesh bodyguard The Virus, Vette recovered the artifact and returned it to her friends. Although they offered for her to rejoin them, Vette refused and still remained on board with the Sith, although she assured that she will keep in touch.

Vette later located her sister back on Nar Shaddaa, who was working as a slave for Toobu the Hutt, with a Twi'lek named Crystal holding her leash. At first, Tivva did not recognize her sister, but after Vette spoke up, Tivva recognized and addressed her by birth name. Tivva then begged her sister to buy her freedom, to which either Vette or the Sith obliged. The two siblings kept in touch and proceeded to find their mother.

Tivva soon discovered that her mother was sold as a worker to Whuddle the Hutt on Tatooine. However, by the time Vette and Tivva arrived to her place, they found out from Feb'Noota, another Twi'lek worker, that their mother had worked herself to death. After giving their mother a proper burial, Tivva suggested taking revenge on the Hutt, and the Sith encouraged it. Reluctantly, at the Sith's suggestion, Vette slew the Hutt who killed her mother with Tivva, but quickly regretted it and resented the Wrath for advising it.

Ultimately, despite the crazy adventure, Vette chose to remain at the Warrior's side, even after being betrayed by Darth Baras and after the Warrior was declared the Emperor's Wrath. Although she wasn't too keen on the idea of going against Baras, the Warrior reassured her that they would have their vengeance.

Sometime after Baras' defeat, upon spotting the Wrath, Vette remarked that the look on the Sith's face resembled Jaesa Willsaam when she tried exoboar soup. The Wrath then revealed to have experienced a Force vision of the galaxy and a dwarf galaxy going dark, resulting in the extinction of all life. Malavai Quinn interjected, asking if the Wrath was referring to the Rishi Maze. Recognizing the name, Vette recalled a pirate planet called Rishi and stated her desire to travel there. Broonmark then informed everyone that they had recently been receiving datamail advertising travel to Rishi, but there was no sender. The Wrath then promptly ordered Quinn to set a course for Rishi.

Vette Gault

Vette with Gault Rennow after the successful mission on the Gilded Star.

Rebelling against the Eternal EmpireEdit

After the Revanite crisis and during the Eternal Empire's Conquest, the newly re-titled Empire's Wrath went missing. After the war was lost, Vette and the crew mourned the Wrath's absence, though scattered across the galaxy. Eventually, she teamed up with the Devaronian scoundrel Gault Rennow, and together they approached the commander of the Alliance against Zakuul with a plan to plunder the Gilded Star, a repository of the Eternal Empire's wealth. When their mission was a success, Vette joined the Alliance and expressed her desire to use her share of the treasure to aid the Twi'lek people.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

Adventurous and carefree, Vette was known for her light-hearted conversations, enjoying silly pranks and mocking people who thought too much of themselves. Her child-like attitude persevered even as the years spanned into adulthood. As she worked with ruthless people during her time as a pirate and in the Sith Empire, Vette often favored her companions, or masters, being merciful and avoiding unnecessary killing. In stark contrast to this, Vette approved when corrupt and otherwise dishonest people were killed, if she believed they deserved it.

Vette was an intergalactic explorer and skilled treasure hunter. Her nimbleness was a frequent asset in her adventures since she was a child. She could maneuver tight spaces, discover hidden passageways and even disarm traps, skills which served her well during the plundering of the Gilded Star. She also enjoyed dabbling with goods from the criminal underworld.

Vette was also learning to speak Talzzi. After Broonmark joined the Emperor's Wrath, she hoped he would help her with speaking the language better.[6] Despite her wild nature, Vette shunned promiscuity, as she made a promise to her mother that she would wait until she married before going to bed with another man.

Behind the scenesEdit

Male Sith Warrior and Vette kiss

As a male Sith Warrior, players have the option of romancing and even marrying Vette. Whether this is canon or not remains ambiguous.

Vette is one of the player companions available to the Sith Warrior class in Star Wars: The Old Republic and was voiced by Catherine Taber.[7] In a tweet, Taber stated that she believed Vette to be a descendant of her Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic character Mission Vao, and the ancestor of Numa, whom she voices in the canon series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.[8]

She received an entry in the "Biographies" section of the website's "Holonet" feature. On her entry, there are several phrases in Aurebesh. When translated, they read "Risha's 'Sister'", "Star of Kala'uun", "A Gift from Lord Baras".

If the player's character is male, they have the option of romancing Vette and even marrying her. However, if the player is also romancing Jaesa Willsaam, Vette will eventually question this, resulting a confrontation between the three characters, and the player must decide between the two. If the player wants both of them, Vette refuses to be a part of it and ends their relationship. The female character could build a sister-like friendship with her.

The player can also be very cruel to Vette, keeping her shock collar on and occasionally shock her whenever she speaks up. This results an easy build-up of dark alignment points, but will drastically decrease Vette's affection for the player. Additionally, when the player recruits the Dark-sided Jaesa, she will take note of the shock collar and ask the player if she can use it. If the player agrees, Jaesa will torment Vette, much to the human's satisfaction and the Twi'lek's dismay. At some point, the player can decide to confront a hostile Vette and remove the shock collar, and either put it back on or promise to treat her more nicely.

During Vette's companion quest "Mother", when Tivva suggests revenge on Whuddle for killing their mother, the player can agree to it for dark alignment points and a significant decrease to Vette's affection or against it for light alignment points and a huge boost to Vette's affection. If the player does agree to revenge, after he/she and Vette return to the ship, Vette will deem it as a nightmare and be unhappy with it.

In the Smuggler class, the companion character, Risha, mentions Vette when she was talking about her past to a smuggler.

Vette appears as a recruitable companion in Chapter 13: Profit and Plunder of Knights of the Fallen Empire. She has unique dialogue if the player is a Sith Warrior, including a romantic reunion if she was romanced in the base game. She subsequently becomes a companion for the Outlander, regardless of class, and appears throughout Knights of the Eternal Throne and the subsequent expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne. In Chapter 8, she can be killed by Vaylin if the player chooses to save Torian Cadera instead.



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