"Your friend Vewin was very cooperative, given the proper incentive."
―Imperial Intelligence agent Do'naal, upon arresting a Rebel spy, Rixen[src]

Vewin was a male member of the Rebel Alliance. Rixen considered him to be an outstanding Rebel operative.


Around 3 ABY, Vewin was operating as an Alliance Intelligence agent on Kelada. He was captured by Imperial Intelligence and interrogated, and therefore was determined to be a security threat by Alliance Intelligence. [1]

Under interrogation, he leaked information about Alliance Intelligence operations, specifically the whereabouts of Rixen and the operating procedure relating to the Rebel practice of using nondescript, reprogrammed IN-4 information droids as dead drops for secret messages. This information directly led to Rixen's arrest at the hands of Imperial double-agent Do'naal at the Kuat Passenger Port.[1]



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