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"So, tell me again, Guster, how is it you're standing here- well, kneeling and bleeding here- while all my other men are so much lizard fodder out in the jungle?"
―Vex, to Gust Toruna[src]

Vex was a male Human criminal who lived on the planet Cularin during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


During the Clone Wars, Vex sent a group of couriers to collect an illicit cargo for him, in the jungles of Cularin. However, the couriers were ambushed and killed by a group of thugs working for the Hutt crime lord Riboga. Gust Toruna, one of the couriers, was replaced by a timeshadow of himself, giving the impression that he had cheated death. Vex was furious when he learned about the deaths of the couriers and when he found Toruna, he had Raptor, a Trandoshan enforcer of his, beat up the courier. Toruna explained to Vex what had happened and Vex claimed to believe what he said. However, to confirm Toruna's story, he got Raptor to shoot the Twi'lek, to see if he would survive. The shot was fatal and Toruna was killed.

Personality and traitsEdit

Vex had red hair. He wore a rancor-hide trench coat and owned a custom-made blaster.