Vi Moradi was a human female spy who served in the Resistance during the cold war. At some point prior to the attack on Tuanul she was captured and taken aboard the First Order battlecruiser Absolution. Whilst aboard the ship, she was interrogated for information about the past of Captain Phasma by Cardinal, a rival of Phasma, in exchange for her release. Moradi relayed all of the testimony she learned from Siv, a former comrade of Phasma's from Parnassos, about his rival, while in the meantime subtly prying information from Cardinal. In the end, when Cardinal demanded proof to accuse Phasma of murdering General Brendol Hux, Moradi provided him with a Parnassos beetle, the means of which Phasma committed the deed. After Cardinal failed to bring the evidence to his superiors and later lost a duel against Phasma, Moradi rescued him and later traveled to Parnassos to rescue Siv as well as her daughter Torbi.[1]

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Moradi was originaly identified as "Amaka" on James Zapata's blog, who designed her, Cardinal's and Keldo's appearances.[2]


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