Vianism was an ancient pre-Republic religion of the Argazdan species. It originated in the Core Worlds but eventually died out. However, it survived in the Kanz sector where it was brought over to the region by Argazdan settlers in the early years of the Galactic Republic. Despite its Argazdan origins, Vianism also attracted several non-Argazdan species including the Lorrdians and Sipsk'ud.

Beliefs and doctrineEdit

Vianists worshiped a pantheon of deities venerated by ancient Human civilizations in the Core Worlds including the Zhell of Coruscant and the Seoulians. These deities included the goddess Via along with two entities representing aspects of the goddess—the Beatific Countenance and the Glorious Radiance. The Glorious Radiance was described as being similar to the Force since it connected Via to all life in the Galaxy.

Believers had religious verses tattooed onto their bodies and thus wore robes and masks. Vianism had three major tenets which including serving others by anticipating their needs. At one point, this involved using the Force to discover these needs, though non-Force users were taught to read subtle changes in body language. Due to the large number of Lorrdian believers, this led to the development of kinetic communication.


Vianism originated in the Core Worlds but had died out by circa. 20,000 BBY during the Galactic Republic's Great Manifest Period. The religion was brought to the Kanz sector from the Core by the ancestors of Argazdan civilization. Throughout the Old Republic era, Argazdan missionaries spread Vianism to other civilizations in the region including the Sipsk'ud and the Lorrdians.

In time, a predominantly Lorrdian sect known as the Sisterhood of the Glorious Radiance developed as an offshoot from mainstream Vianist beliefs. Unlike the Myrialites, the Sisterhood believed in giving their lives to serve Via, but did not believe in forcing others to do so. During the Kanz Disorders, a radical Vianist faction developed under the leadership of Provisional Governor Myrial, known as the Myrialites.

Denouncing the Republic as corrupt and faithless, Myrialite forces occupied the Kanz sector, establishing the separatist Argazdan Redoubt. They enslaved all who opposed them, including the Lorrdians and inhabitants of Almatanna, for refusing to serve Via. In response, the rival Sisterhood attracted many anti-Myrialites and Force-sensitives who began an underground resistance against the Argazdan Redoubt.

Following the enslavement of the Lorrdians, Vianism spread among outsiders which led to the development of kinetic communication among the Lorrdian diaspora. Due to their opposition to the Argazdan Redoubt, the Sisters were deported to a slave colony on the planet Lorrd's moon Lorrd II. However, during the Mandalorian Wars, the Revanchist Jedi Revan raided Lorrd II for Lorrdian gemstones and also freed the slaves.

For three hundred years, the Myrialites ruled the Argazdan Redoubt until they were ousted by Republic-Jedi forces under Jedi Master Mari-Elan Nora in 3670 BBY. By the Imperial era, Vianism including the Sisterhood of Glorious Radiance still existed in the Kanz sector. During a visit in the Galactic Civil War, Tash Arranda visited the Temple of the Glorious Radiance and was taken on a guided tour by Sister Sigil.



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