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Vianna D'Pow
Vianna D'Pow
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"Your Zeltron charms won't work on me, Vianna."
―Mace Windu[src]

Vianna D'Pow was a female albino Zeltron bounty hunter. Reviled by her Zeltron peers because of her pale skin, she came to hate herself, and all tight-knit groups of people (i.e the Jedi). As she was deprived of the ability to love, she turned to assassination. She was not above using her pheromones to get her targets.


Some time prior to the Clone Wars, Vianna took a job to kidnap a Force-sensitive baby from the Jedi Order. Just after infiltrating the Jedi Temple nursery and placing a Sullustan baby in a sling, she quite literally ran into Jedi Master Mace Windu as he was reading a datapad. The two engaged in a fight, with Vianna threatening to kill the infant and Windu calling her bluff. After he told her that stealing a Jedi youngling to sell on the black market was low, even for her, D'Pow revealed the true reason for her mission. The infant's parents had asked her to take their child back from the Jedi, as they never wanted to give up their baby in the first place. Windu was shocked by this development, and protested that it was an honor for an infant to become a Jedi. D'Pow began to tell him he could never understand, but then saw what was on the datapad Windu had been reading - a letter from his parents, asking him to make contact with them. After realizing that Windu could indeed understand the ramifications of a family being split apart, she willingly left the infant with him and escaped. Windu later returned the infant to its parents himself.

During the Clone Wars, Count Dooku later hired her to steal Jango Fett's genetic material from Kamino. This would eventually leave the Kaminoan cloners, and therefore, the Grand Army of the Republic without their army. After receiving information that the theft was to take place, Obi-Wan Kenobi traveled to Kamino to prevent it. After a grueling fight, during which Obi-Wan called on her lonely and loveless life, she escaped, although without the material. She said that while it had been a failure for Dooku, it had not been for her. Returning to the facility, Taun We informed Kenobi that Vianna had placed an order for a solitary clone of herself. Obi-Wan allowed the order to continue, saying that nobody should have to be alone.



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