The Vibre-class assault cruiser was a vessel designed specifically for commerce raiding by the Galactic Empire.


Designed by the Silviut Corporation, the Vibre-class was commissioned by the Galactic Empire in its waning days leading into the Imperial Remnant. The Vibre-class was part of an initiative to make smaller vessels less expendable - a turnaround from standard Imperial philosophy, as well as an Imperial effort to make a vessel specifically for privateering. The result was a 100 meter long vessel that was heavily armed for its class, with turreted rather than fixed weaponry for maximization of firing arcs. Additionally, Ion cannons and dual tractor beam generators gave the Vibre-class the ability to lock onto a target, pull itself flush to a captured ship's hull, and then to blast a hole directly into the ship. Its complement of 60 Spacetroopers would then dispatch from assault doors on the port and starboard sides of the ship, and enter the enemy ship through the recent hole - the depressurization of the attack often giving the troopers an edge in combat over a stunned crew.

To assist in sneaking up on ships, they were equipped with sensor masks to allow them to approach enemy ships undetected. Coupled with a powerful sublight drive, the ship's initial hyperdrive was a powerful class 1, allowing it to move from system to system faster than a Nebulon-B: all of this allowing to chase down unsuspecting prey with relative ease.


Vibre-class assault cruiser

Vibre-class schematics.

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