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Victor Starspeeder is a Human boy from Naboo. Starspeeder had a Jedi father who went to the dark side taking the identity of Krio Vin and skyhopper racing. His older sister, Christina Starspeeder, attended the Coruscant Jedi Academy, a Jedi academy based at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He attended an agricultural-based Jedi academy on Obroa-skai, prior to being invited to also attend the Jedi academy on Coruscant. There, he hoped for more excitement than at his previous academy, but his excess of energy often landed him detentions overseen by Yoda, leading Yoda to enroll him in the academy's drama club to channel his energy.[1] He hero-worshiped his sister, but would never admit so in public.[2]


Victor joined the Jedi Academy in the middle of the year, after spring break. He first thought Artemis Oophanoe was a Sith, and he became fast friends with Zachary O'Halleran, despite his sister's warning that he was trouble. He also became friends with Artemis, Emmett and Coleman. He had an instant crush on Maya Phoenix. On his first day at lunch Victor rejected Coleman and Emmett's offer to sit with them and sat with Zach and his friends. But one of Zach's friends used Victor's sandwich to start a food fight but Mr. Zefyr stopped it. Mr Zefyr thought Victor was the culprit because of matching bitemarks. Soon, a few days later, he joined the drama club. Before he went on holiday, Ms.Catara, Mr. Zefyr and Master Yoda warned him about his grades. So, in the holiday, Victor was trained by Christina. After the holiday, he continued rehearsing for the 194th annual school musical. But he accidentally spilled paint on Maya while trying to paint on a tree. On the day of the drama, Maya and Artemis went missing. T3-P0 freaked out and Victor set off to find them. Turns out Zach kidnapped them, and locked them in a locker. He blamed Victor for taking his girlfriend. He locked Victor in a duel. Suddenly Christina came and destroyed the locker door and freed Maya and Artemis. Yoda then came to the rescue, and they rushed back just in time for the play, which was a huge success. Zach mysteriously disappeared, and year one for Victor ended.[1]

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Victor is known to be skilled in telekinesis. Some examples include the event where he accidentally got his friend stuck in a tree, the time he buried a librarian under a huge pile of books, and in his battle against Krio Vin, in which he toppled the Sith Lord with a telekinetic push.

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