"I am Victor Strang. […] This is my ship. You're not taking her from me."
―Admiral Strang to Renegade Squadron[src]

Victor Strang was an admiral in the Imperial Navy and a former storm commando. After the Battle of Yavin, he was given command of a superlaser-equipped Star Destroyer named the Conqueror.


"Admiral Strang? Victor Strang? He's the captain? He used to lead a team of Storm Commandos. Stay sharp, men. This will be no ordinary boarding action."
Col Serra as Renegade Squadron approaches the Conqueror[src]

Prior to the Battle of Yavin, Strang was in command of a team of storm commandos, elite troopers of the Empire's Stormtrooper Corps. Later in the war, he was promoted to the rank of admiral and placed in command of the Conqueror, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer equipped with a superlaser. He encountered the Rebel Alliance's Renegade Squadron led by Col Serra when they infiltrated the Conqueror in the Mustafar system in 1 ABY. Strang and his storm commandos were defeated by the Renegades, who proceeded to place thermal detonators on ship's reactor core. The detonators were triggered and the ship was destroyed, but before the explosion an X4 Gunship was able to escape from the Conqueror. One of the Renegades speculated that this ship may have been carrying Strang.[1]



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