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"Too bad one Victory-class Star Destroyer could fight her to a stand-still."
Kyle Katarn compares a Victory-class to a Dreadnaught-class cruiser — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

A Victory-class Star Destroyer

The Victory-series of Star Destroyers was a group of warship designs that consisted of two main sub-classes and several modifications to these.

The main two sub-classifications were:

Although referred to as Star Destroyers, their classification on the Anaxes War College System was closer to that of a Heavy Cruiser.

Behind the scenes

The Victory-class Star Destroyers appeared in Hasbro's board game Star Wars: Electronic Galactic Battle as the game's equivalent to the cruiser piece in the game Battleship. However, in that game, the Victory Star Destroyer simply resembles a smaller version of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, instead of having its unique characteristics.



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