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Gundark Trainer

Gundark Trainer, a video game

A video game was a type of game that could played interactively using a holotelevision.


Roan Novachez, a student at the Jedi academy within the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, enjoyed playing video games with his friends. He often played them with Pasha.[1]

After Roan began spending time with the bullies Cronah and Cyrus, he began playing video games with them that were much more violent than the ones he usually played with Pasha, such as Gundark Trainer.[1]

Galactic Emperor Palpatine enjoyed playing video games and sometimes left Darth Vader to do his dirty work while he finished a level.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

While the universe of Star Wars has been featured in a number of computer and video games, Return of the Padawan marks the first time of their appearing as part of the story, albeit in a non-canonical fashion. Author and artist Jeffrey Brown created Gundark Trainer for Return of the Padawan, though the final artwork featured a screenshot from the game, rather than the game's title.[3]



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