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"I can't believe we couldn't get arena tickets for this match! Now we'll have to watch the duel on the view screen."
―A spectator at the Taris dueling ring[src]

Obi-Wan Kenobi's viewscreen

Viewscreens, also known as holoscreens or vidscreens, were telescreens used to project holographic moving images on HoloNet channels from across the galaxy. It would display holo-signals in, but, instead of projecting a three-dimensional image, images on a holoscreen would be shown like any normal screen in two-dimensional format with the exception of the weight and space from a solid flat panel screen. It could be attached to a wall and viewed in a room. It was capable of receiving different transmissions, including Channel 1. Establishments such as the Outlander Club on Coruscant had wall-mounted viewscreens, showing various sporting events including Podracing, Odupiendo racing, and nuna-ball. Viewscreens could be used for in-house events that were not broadcast publicly, such as events in the Taris dueling ring, which could be seen on viewscreens in the Upper City Cantina.

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