The Vigil-class corvette was a warship in the Imperial Navy.


The Kuat Drive Yards[1] Vigil-class corvette contained some weapons at the dorsal area of the ship, as well as a large dish.[3] The command deck was flush with the hull near the main drive thrusters, providing a smaller profile. The corvettes mounted three twin heavy turbolaser turrets on the dorsal hull, along with three twin light turbolaser turrets. Various laser cannons used in an anti-starfighter role were scattered around the hull. [1]


Naval Station Validusia

Several Vigil-class ships flying near Naval Station Validusia.

Several Vigil-class corvettes were serviced at Naval Station Validusia.[3] The corvettes patrolled trade routes, acted as battle group leaders in small fleets, and hunted pirates alone. They were also used as scoutcraft.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Vigil-class corvette (Fractalsponge)

Ansel Hsiao's model from Fractalsponge.

This design originated as a fanon vessel made by Ansel Hsiao. According to Hsiao, it was intended to be a heavy corvette for escort, reconnaissance, and utility duties of the Galactic Empire.[4] When approached by Lucasfilm Licensing to provide artwork for The Essential Guide to Warfare, Hsiao submitted his own designs in addition to new models, along with their names. The names were recorded in LFL's Holocron continuity database, according to the artist. [5] Jason Fry, one of the authors of the book, forgot to record the statistics of the Vigil-class corvette in the endnotes section detailing the other ships Hsiao designed, and proceeded to post it on the eighth part of the endnotes on his tumblr account as a quick note at the end.[2]


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