"Viidu is the "King of Cargo." There isn't a payload that comes to Ord Mantell that doesn't pass through him."
―Corso Riggs[src]

Viidu, also known as the King of Cargo, was a male Human that lived on the planet Ord Mantell during the Cold War. During the war, he ran a freight company named Rendia Freight from an office in the Republic held Fort Garnik. Viidu at one time employed the smuggler known as Ace to deliver a shipment of weapons to him on Ord Mantell, but the cargo along with Ace's ship was stolen by Skavak, one of Rendia Freight's own employees, for the local Separatist movement. As the weapons were the property of an extremely dangerous crime lord known as Rogun the Butcher, Viidu put all efforts into retrieving them, hiring Ace and using his own employee Corso Riggs to track down Skavak and retrieve the blasters. Ace and Corso eventually tracked the blasters down to the Separatists main fortress in Mount Avilatan and attempted to retrieved them on Viddu's orders, but while the pair were away, Viidu's girlfriend Syreena, whom was having an affair with Skavak, murdered Viidu.[1]


Viidu was a male Human who lived during the Cold War, a conflict between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. During the war Viidu lived on the Republic held planet of Ord Mantell in the Bright Jewel system[2] of the Mid Rim,[3]. Whilst on Ord Mantell, Viidu ran a freight transport company named Rendia Freight, which he controlled from headquarters in the Republic fortress of Fort Garnik. He employed a number of workers to run this company including his then girlfriend, Syreena who acted as a personal assistant for him.

At some point Viidu accepted a contract for Rendia Freight to deliver a cargo of Blaster rifles for the dangerous Chagrian crime lord known as Rogun the Butcher. A smuggler known by the nickname Ace was hired by Rendia Freight to transport the blasters to Ord Mantell on their own personal vessel, dropping off the weapons at Drelliad village, a small village located near Garnik. Ace successfully delivered the blasters to two of Viidu's employees on the outskirts of Drelliad, Corso Riggs and Skavak. However once delivered the blasters, along with Ace's ship were stolen by Skavak, while the smuggler was away destroying a remote control station for a anti-air canon held by members of the Mantellian Separatist Movement in the nearby village. Skavak incapacitated Riggs with the aid of several Separatists who attacked the hangar to help him in the theft.

Upon discovery that the blasters had been stolen, Viidu became incredibly worried due to the violent reputation of Rogan whom he feared would blame him for the loss. Determined to retrieve the blasters Viidu hired the smuggler, who was trapped on Ord Mantell without a ship, to help him track down Skavak. Skavak had informed the smuggler that he intended to give the blasters to the Mantellian Separatists, whom were currently engaged with the Republic in a civil war on Ord Mantell, and so Viidu sent Ace to find and old acquaintance of his named Reki. Viidu believed Reki was an expert on the Separatists and would know were to find Skavak and so gave the smuggler a survival pack of supplies to exchange with Reki, who was trapped in Talloran village due to Separatist occupation and a Republic blockade.


Viidu enjoyed the luxury lifestyle even as the war raged on Ord Mantell.

The smuggler successfully found Reki and learned of a database containing details of all Separatist personnel which was kept on the island of Mannett Point, which he informed Viidu and Riggs of on his return to Garnik. Viidu explained to the smuggler about Riggs past with the Separatists, whom he hated for killing his family. Syreena then informed Viidu that Rogun the butcher was attempting to contact him and he rushed off to speak to the crime lord, telling the Smuggler to download all data from the database as he left. Rogun informed Viidu that he did hold him personally responsible for the loss of the blasters.

When Ace returned from Mannett Point having successfully retrieved the data Viidu thanked the smuggler, then said that he would have Corso decode the data. Still scared from Rogun's message, Viidu asked the smuggler to try and stall Rogun by completing the Big Boom Run, a smuggling run to a scientist named Trymbo in Oradam village to retrieve chemicals which the scientist had made capable of 'super-charging' Republic cannons. He believed that Rogun could sell this to the Republic and make a large amount of credits which would keep him happy and buy them time. While the smuggler left for Oradam, Viidu and Corso successfully located Skavak in the database and learned that he planned on meeting the Separatist leader named Dareg at the Separatist stronghold housed in Mount Avilatan. When Ace returned Viidu was overjoyed at the smugglers success and revealed the last stage of the plan to retrieve the blaster in which Ace and Riggs would ambush Skavak in the volcano stronghold and take the blasters from him. At the stronghold though Ace and Riggs discovered that Skavak had betrayed the Separatists and stolen a droid from Dareg instead of giving them the blasters.

After Riggs and Ace left Viidu remained at the Rendia Freight building in Fort Garnik. During the pair's absence he caught Syreena contacting the Separatists and threatened to turn her into Rogun the butcher. Syreena, whom unknown to Viidu was having an affair with Skavak and had been scamming him all along, murdered him in his own office to prevent him informing Rogun of her involvement.[1]


Upon the return of Riggs and Ace they found Syreena talking to Skavak by holo, who was disappointed she'd killed Viidu. Skavak then revealed he wasn't taking Syreena with him off Ord Mantell. When Ace confronted her Syreena attempted to hide the fact that she had been the one to kill Viidu but gave up and when Ace revealed that they'd overheard the conversation and told them that Skavak had gone to Coruscant. Ace and Riggs spared Syreena who went into hiding, and Riggs decided to accompany Ace in hunting down Skavak, revealing that Viidu had left him various possessions which he'd share with Ace. The pair later received a posthumous message from Viidu, created before his death as he assumed that Rogun or the separatists would kill him. In his message, Viidu asked that Ace look after Corso and Syreena. Ace and Riggs went on to retrieve the Smugglers ship and beat Skavak in a race to find the lost treasure of Nok Drayen, killing Skavak and making and alliance with Rogun in the process.[1]

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"Here's a toast to my favourite things. The best collection of artworks and exotic beverages in the whole system!"

Viidu was an intelligent and influential man with a reasonable amount of power on Ord Mantell. He greatly enjoyed drinking and eating, the later of which he did especially when he was worried, and also had a taste for artwork which he collected. Viidu showed great affection to his partner Syreena, asking Ace to look after her after his own death, but was willing to turn her over to Rogun the butcher when he discovered her treachery. Due to his age Viidu may have had issues with his health as Syreena would remind him he had to stay calm as excitement was bad for his heart.[1]

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Viidu is an NPC in the 2011 MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic and players a major role in the Smuggler class storyline giving a number of missions to the player on the starting planet, Ord Mantell, for that class. No other classes can interact with Viidu due to his location inside a storyline area that only smugglers can enter, with the exception of Republic players in a party with a Smuggler class character entering the area.[1]



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