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"Kam Solusar, you betrayed the Dark Side. Your life is forfeit."
―Goir confronts Kam Solusar[src]

Vill Goir was a male Human Dark Side Adept in the service of the cloned Emperor Palpatine. A member of the Dark Side Elite organisation, Goir was the second in command of the group, subordinate only to Military Executor Sedriss QL. In 10 ABY, Goir assisted Sedriss in the execution of Operation Shadow Hand, participating in the Battle of Balmorra. Upon Palpatine's return in a new clone body, Goir was dispatched with Sedriss to the Planet Ossus to confront Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and the former member of the Dark Side Elite Kam Solusar. Arriving on Ossus, Goir and Sedriss engaged the two Jedi, with Goir attempting to take on the defector. However, as Goir had previously taught all his lightsaber combat techniques while they were serving together, Solusar outmatched him, killing the darksider by slicing him in half with a lightsaber.


Servant of the EmperorEdit

"Obviously, Beltane has broken the treaty with the Empire, sir! His planet deserves to die!"
―Vill Goir, during the Battle of Balmorra[src]

Vill Goir was a male Human Dark Side Adept in service to the Galactic Emperor Palpatine.[3] The Emperor, reborn in a clone body[4] after his death at the Battle of Endor,[5] ruled his Dark Empire from the Deep Core planet Byss. Palpatine solidified his power base by creating an elite cabal of Dark Jedi, the Dark Side Elite. Consisting of seven members, the cadre was led by Executor Sedriss QL,[3] while Vill Goir was chosen to be his substitute,[6] assistant[7] and overall second in command of the group.[8] The Dark Side Elite was headquartered on the planet Vjun, inside Bast Castle, the former citadel of Palpatine's apprentice Darth Vader.[9] While stationed there, Goir instructed one of the fellow Dark Jedi, Kam Solusar, in lightsaber combat.[2]

Beltane Sedriss

Goir, Mordi and Sedriss aboard the Avenger

In 10 ABY,[1] the Emperor met his demise once again in battle with Jedi Luke Skywalker and his sister Leia Organa Solo near the New Republic Pinnacle Base.[10] Shortly thereafter, Solusar defected from the Dark Side Elite, driven to the light side by Skywalker.[7] While the Empire waited for Palpatine to return in another clone body, Executor Sedriss proceeded to put in motion Operation Shadow Hand, a series of campaigns to conquer neutral worlds. During one such campaign, Goir accompanied Sedriss to the factory world of Balmorra. After the death of the Emperor, the ruler of the planet, Governor Hinch Beltane, had started dealing with the New Republic, forcing Sedriss to intervene.[3]

Arriving aboard the Star Destroyer Avenger and joining an Imperial fleet stationed in orbit of Balmorra, Goir and fellow Dark Side Elite member Krdys Mordi served[3] as Sedriss' sergeants at arms during the campaign.[11] Sedriss contacted Beltane on the viewscreen, demanding from him to turn his factories under Imperial control and face execution for his treason. Beltane refused to the terms, forcing Sedriss to launch a ground assault on the planet. Sedriss initially believed that he would have the upper had, as he had the newest Shadow Droids at his disposal. During the battle, however, Beltane deployed his newest creations, the X-1 Viper droids. Goir realized that Beltane had produced the droid in secret, thus betraying Balmorra's agreements with the Empire, and he called for Sedriss to order a planetary bombardment of Balmorra in retaliation. Mordi concurred with Goir, yet Sedriss did not do as advised by his cohorts. The Executor explained that he wanted to obtain the X-1 Vipers to supply the Imperial war machine. Negotiating a peace treaty with Beltane that granted the planet freedom in exchange for a contract to buy the droids, Sedriss left Balmorra.[3]

Showdown on OssusEdit

"Cleave their fighting arms, Goir! We'll take them alive!'"
―Sedriss to Vill Goir about Luke Skywalker and Kam Solusar[src]

Shortly after the Battle of Balmorra, Palpatine took his final clone body.[3] Shortly thereafter, an Imperial probe droid detected Skywalker and the defector Solusar on the planet Ossus[2]—which had once served as the headquarters of the Jedi—[12] who were researching the history of the Jedi Order. Goir and Sedriss took a squad of dark troopers, specialized stormtroopers empowered with the dark side, and flew aboard the Imperial hunter Scourge One toward their confrontation with the Jedi.[2]


Goir and Sedriss charge at the Jedi.

As they were landing on Ossus, Scourge One's sensors detected that the two Jedi Skywalker and Solusar were accompanied by a large group of humanoids armed with primitive weapons, the Ysanna tribe native to Ossus.[7] Sedriss ordered Goir to unleashed their dark trooper squad upon the primitives, but after a prolonged fight the troopers were slain by the Jedi and the Ysanna. Noticing that Skywalker was weakened by the fight, Goir and Sedriss moved in to attack, utilizing Force choke against their adversaries; the Force attack was blocked by Skywalker, however. Intent on capturing the Jedi alive, Sedriss ordered Goir not to kill them but only slice off their fighting arms. Sedriss and Goir ignited their lightsabers and charged at the Jedi. Goir attacked Solusar,[2] intent on bringing the defector to justice.[7]

However, having learned Goir's lightsaber techniques back on Vjun, Solusar outmaneuvered the darksider and killed him by cleaving him in half. Sedriss himself was killed by the ancient Neti Jedi Ood Bnar, who had spent millennia in a tree-like hibernation state on Ossus.[2] After being notified of the deaths of Goir and Sedriss, Palpatine appointed[8] his advisers[13] Xecr Nist and Tedryn-Sha as their replacements, with Nist becoming the new Executor Sha taking on Goir's position of second in command.[8]

Personality and traitsEdit

"I don't understand what you're planning, Executor Sedriss. We should vaporize the Balmorrans and be done with them!"
"Watch your tongue, Goir, before I watch it wriggling in my hand!"
―Vill Goir and Executor Sedriss[src]

Vill Goir was a Dark Side Adept who pledged his allegiance to Emperor Palpatine.[2] He was considered to be the highest ranking member of the Dark Side Elite after Sedriss,[6][7] and he was unafraid to argue with the Executor and voice his opinion, believing in the necessity of the orbital bombardment of Balmorra. He respected his superior, however, and demanded the Jedi on Ossus to address Sedriss by his full title. Goir was willing to bring the defector Solusar to justice, charging at him recklessly to his death.[7]

Dressed in traditional garments of the Dark Side Elite, Goir wore black robes complete with a long cape, as well as heavy boots and gauntlets, and had a distinctive yellow glow in his eyes.[2]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"My throat! I can feel the cartilage snapping…"
"That's an old Sith trick. It's deadly, but I know how to block it."
―Kam Solusar and Luke Skywalker, while being Force-choked by Goir and Sedriss[src]

An individual immersed in the dark side of the Force, Vill Goir was a Dark Jedi[3] and an extension of his Emperor's will.[9] Like the rest of the Dark Side Elite, Goir piloted an I-7 Howlrunner.[3] Goir knew how to perform certain dark side techniques, employing the Force choke ability against Skywalker and Solusar. He was adept at lightsaber combat, having instructed Solusar on Vjun. That fact later played against him, when Solusar used Goir's own tricks to best him.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Vill Goir debuted in the 1995 comic Dark Empire II 1: Operation Shadow Hand, the first issue of the Dark Empire II series written by Tom Veitch and illustrated Cam Kennedy.[3] He also appeared in the third issue, which featured his death.[2] Goir, however, was originally set to be introduced in Veitch's proposed short novel Lightsider, which would have taken place before the events of Dark Empire II. However, Lightsider was ultimately canceled.[14] Goir was also featured in the audio drama version of Dark Empire II, in which he was voiced by John Cygan.[15] The audio drama differs slightly in the events pertaining to Goir. During the Battle of Balmorra, Krdys Mordi is not present, while Goir is much more outspoken regarding Sedriss decision not to utilize planetary bombardment. The battle is also started by Beltane, who shoots at Sedriss' fleet with planetary artillery.[7]


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