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"Such an old lightsaber is not a worthy weapon for you!"

Vima-Da-Boda's lightsaber was originally built in 10,000 BBY, although it was apparently modified over the years as by 10 ABY it bore little resemblance to the clumsy, early lightsaber designs.

By 4000 BBY it was on Ossus, where it was left with the other Jedi artifacts covered by the Cron Supernova. In 790 BBY, an archaeological dig uncovered it, and it eventually fell into the hands of a Female Jedi Master. This Master gave it to her Padawan, who gave it to Vima-Da-Boda.

When Vima left the Jedi Order around 100 BBY, she kept the lightsaber with her, enclosed in a protective case. In 10 ABY, on Nar Shaddaa, she gave it to Leia Organa Solo. On Byss, Leia used it to slice the hand off of an Imperial Sentinel, before Palpatine caused it to explode.

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