"The first time I heard of Vimran Trell, I thought to myself: What could a cook possibly do for us? When the Adjudicator was sent to destroy a Rebel base, Trell proved his worth by warming Alliance agents. The Adjudicator found only a few deserted buildings. My opinion changed. And for those of you who haven’t tried his Fromirian roast queg, you won’t understand Moff Renquet’s decision."
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Vimran Trell was a Human from the planet Yutusk who was a chef and Rebel spy, during the Galactic Civil War. He served on board the Star Destroyer Adjudicator around 0 ABY where he fed vital intelligence to the Rebellion.


Vimran was born to Francill and Tranira Trell on the planet of Yutusk. He was taught to cook by his father who intended for Vimran to take over the family restaurant someday. Around 6 BBY the Empire invaded his homeworld Vimran was conscripted into the Imperial forces. He was transferred to the Star Destroyer Adjudicator. On visiting the Adjudicator as a replacement chef while his parents were executed during an Imperial crackdown on an unarmed peaceful demonstration. An Imperial Security Bureau panel determined Vimran to still be loyal to the Empire which forced him to return to duty and thus miss his parent's funeral.[1]

Around 4 BBY the Adjudicator's commander, Captain Krin held a reception for Moff Renquet and several other dignitaries when his galley chef became sick. Vimran informed the Captain that he was a gourmet chef and he was allowed to serve the reception. Moff Renquet was extremely pleased with both the food and the crew, especially Vimran's Fromirian roast queg. As a result the Adjudicator was transferred as command flagship of the sector.[1]

Over the next four years Vimran and Captain Krin became friends and Vimran was assigned to be Krin's personal cook and assistant. He attended most staff meetings aboard the Adjudicator to provide food and refreshments as well as handling minor secretarial duties. Secretly he used these opportunities to feed intelligence to the Rebellion as revenge for what the Empire did to his family.[1]

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Vimran was a Human male. He was outwardly loyal enough to the Empire to fool an ISB security panel but secretly harbored ill will towards the Empire. He never forgot or forgave the Empire for its lack of compassion.[1]

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Vimran was talented at cooking and was skilled at preparing alien cuisine. He also had a good eye for identifying unusual foods and spices. He was also skilled at stealth and persuasion which helped him conduct his espionage activities.[1]


Vimran carried a blaster pistol, various cook books, and sixty credits.[1]

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Kerri Lessev was designed by David R. Tulo for Cracken's Rebel Operatives, a supplement for the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game that was published by West End Games in 1994. He was illustrated by Brian Schomburg.


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