Vin Tal'benes was a male Bothan and the main authority figure in the asteroid repair station Darkside, which was in turn under the control of Nirama's criminal Organization. Tal'benes was a short, dark-furred Bothan who commonly touched his goatee in a tic. Like most of the people in Darkside, he was a grumpy person, commonly angry because he was sent unqualified employees for his technical needs. He usually ended the working day in drunken stupor.

Staff rotation in Darkside was high, to Tal'benes's chagrin: He commonly had to train newcomers. In 32 BBY, people working under his command included Karlo, main cook; Dina Mertz, chief technical officer; and Nala Noos, recently-named acting security chief after the previous one left in a hurry in a non-uncommon occurrence. Occasionally, smuggler Xav Verivax went to Darkside to provide consultant services and improve the security of Darkside's ships smuggling details, but Verivax was not under Tal'bene's orders.

At that point, Nirama sent Tal'benes a team of "newcomers", who were really undercover agents with secret orders. Tal'benes sent them to perform common, low-level tasks in consecutive days, including security service, KP duty and inspection of the smuggling techniques.

Behind the scenesEdit

Tal'benes appears in role-playing game adventure MidWorld. If the player characters impress him in an interview, then he allows them to choose the order of their tasks; else, he sends them to the kitchen first.

Although Tal'benes respects only technicians, his entry proves he is not a technician himself.