The Vindicator was a New Republic carrier vessel that was stationed in the space beyond Ammuud.


A large flight deck stretched from bow to stern on top of the vessel's superstructure, with a smaller "island" off to the port side; the deck itself was completely exposed to the vacuum of space. From here, squadrons of starfighters could depart in formation, while arriving craft would land and be brought down to the inner decks on elevator platforms. The ship's compliment included squadrons of T-65 X-wing starfighters, BTL Y-wing starfighters, E-wing starfighters and A-9 interceptors.


The Vindicator was the flagship and rallying-point of a fleet whose aim was to capture the last reincarnation of Emperor Palpatine and bring him to justice.

Behind the scenesEdit

The ship itself bears a strong resemblance to a World War II aircraft carrier, both in appearance and basic operation.


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