A vindinax was a type of dangerous predator that originated on a world in the Unknown Regions, on which it was at the top of the food chain. The vindinax were humanoid and had long tails, and they also had dark green, chitinous carapaces that led some people to believe that the species was insectoid in nature. However, some of the creatures' other traits, such as their forward-facing eyes, their claws and their sharp teeth suggested that they were mammalian. A number of scientists studied the species and came to the conclusion that the vindinax's natural habitat was either a forest or a jungle, because the creatures appeared to favor hiding in high-up places, from which they would pounce on their prey.

At some point during galactic history, a merchant obtained a captive vindinax and planned to sell the creature to a zoo on a planet in the Unknown Regions. However, en-route to his destination the merchant landed on Iol Station, a space station located in the Iol system. The creature was confiscated by the port's customs officers, because the merchant lacked the paperwork required to be able to transport the creature, and they fined the merchant for bringing a potential threat to the station. The customs officers placed the vindinax's shipping container in one of the station's cargo bays and they subsequently did not take good care of the creature. Desperate for food, the creature broke out of its container and ate the station's entire crew. However, the vindinax's victims were not sufficient to sustain it and when a group of spacers landed on Iol Station several days later, the creature attacked them in one of the station's storage rooms.


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