Vine cats were felinoid reptomammals found in the outlying portions of Haruun Kal and the forests of Ziost. They came in half a dozen species, and their skin was used to make leather.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Vine cats were large predators that, because of their large size, had to eat often. Fortunately for them, they were highly developed hunters, using their long, heavy tails to balance. They also had razor like claws, with which they able to quickly dismember their prey. They were capable of easily scaling steep cliffs, trees, and other near-vertical objects.


Vine cats

Juvenile vine cats with an adult cat

By the time of the Cold War, many vine cats inhabited the jungles on Dromund Kaas, imported from Ziost, more notably the ones around Kaas City. The creatures eventually began attacking Imperial personnel, ending with Sergeant Molcarrus issuing a bounty for anyone willing to hunt down the beasts. In due time, they were contained once again. Other types of vine cats resided on Ziost and Taral V.



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