"The 18-month-long dispute between Viper Sensor Intelligence Systems and Arakyd Industries is now resolved following the Arakyd assault and takeover of the VSIS headquarters."
―"Sensor Technology Dispute Settled in Takeover"[src]

Viper Tower was located in Hpaq, a city located on the planet Vulpter. It was headquarters of Viper Sensor Intelligence Systems[1] and home to its Vulpter-based offices.[2] Shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars in the year 22 BBY,[3] 60 AAD-4 assault droids belonging to VSIS competitor Arakyd Industries entered Viper Tower just prior to the end of the business day and quickly eliminated its ground-floor security units. The remaining Viper staff were relocated to the testing wing while three XR-37 droid tanks obliterated the building's top floors, which housed accounting and administrative divisions. Arakyd's assault on Viper Tower resolved an 18-month dispute between the two companies, with the former successfully taking over VSIS and keeping it in operation as a research-and-development division. A garrison remained at VSIS headquarters in order to assist with the transition.[1]

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Viper Tower was originally created for HoloNet News Vol. 531 50, a HoloNet News article written by Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens with illustrations by Joe Corroney and released on April 4, 2002.[1]



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