Lieutenant Virk was a Zabrak male officer serving the Galactic Republic during the Cold War and the Ord Mantell Civil War against the Mantellian Separatist Movement.


Stationed on Fort Garnik, Virk was known to be a corrupt officer, scamming all the troopers under his command. Any who attempted to report him would be assigned to a dangerous patrol, with at least one known death resulting. One of his subordinates, Private Farn, told a Special Forces sergeant about Virk's scams, and the Sergeant reported the situation to his superior officers, resulting in Virk being subjected to bureaucratic scrutiny. Virk later confronted the sergeant upon the soldier's return. Rather than accept responsibility for his own mistakes, Virk blamed the sergeant for his troubles, saying that the island was his "kingdom" and implied that he may have the snitch killed in an "accident". The sergeant refused to be intimidated. Virk later attempted to rally other corrupt officers to ambush the sergeant but they were too scared to go up against a member of Havoc Squad. Virk was later arrested and court-martialed for treason.


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