Virtual Happiness was a popular virtual-reality vacation business on the capital world of Coruscant, one of Galactic City's several establishments specializing in sim-voyages.

In 24 BBY, after the establishment had gone out of business, galactic criminals Granta Omega, Jenna Zan Arbor, and the Slam gang, under the pretense of starting a business, moved into the structure, effectively using it as a hideout, or safe house, in preparation for a major operation against the Republic. The contingent of criminals planned a diversionary heist of a Republic account funded with crystalline vertex called the All Planets Relief Fund, reserved for worlds in peril who successfully petitioned for aid, to avoid the standard quagmire of bureaucratic red tape that often delayed planetary relief in urgent situations. The heist was set to take place at the conclusion of the inaugural ceremony for the new fund, when the vertex was transferred to a Bank of the Core vault.

The diversion was meant to draw away the Senate Guard from the Senate Building, which was the true target of their machinations—the assassination of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and as many targeted Senators as their army of programmed seeker droids (hundreds strong) could kill. Although their plot was ultimately foiled by the Jedi, who were able to contain the murderous attack, 45 Senators, Senatorial aides and guards (plus a civilian, former Romin tyrant Roy Teda), yet lost their lives before it was over.[1]

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