Vischera was a partially insane Human male who served the Galactic Empire during the months following the end of the Clone Wars. Originally working for the Empire as a scientist, Vischera transferred to the Imperial Military and became the commander of a secret Imperial prison on the planet Felucia. After learning about a series of experiments previously carried out by the Techno Union to turn a group of Nelvaanians into violent warriors, Vischera attempted to duplicate the procedure on captured Felucians. He carried out alterations on the Felucian genetic code and, after months of research, succeeded in creating two fully obedient Felucians, whom he made his personal bodyguards.

When former Imperial Admiral Gilder Varth was discovered to be in contact with the anti-Imperial Alderaanian Resistance, he was imprisoned in Vischera’s facility. The Resistance sent a group of agents to Felucia to free Varth, and following their infiltration of the prison, Vischera confronted them in the building's command center but was eventually defeated by them.


The Human male Vischera lived during the years following the end of the Clone Wars and worked as a scientist for the Galactic Empire. He eventually transferred to the Imperial Military, where he attained the rank of captain and was made the commander of an Imperial prison on the planet Felucia. However, he did not give up his scholarly past and studied various scientific secrets that the Empire had obtained. The Empire had acquired the details of a series of experiments that were carried out during the Clone Wars by the Techno Union on the planet Nelvaan to turn a group of Nelvaanians into large, violent warriors who served their creators' will. Intrigued, Vischera planned to carry out a similar experiment on captured Felucians.[1]

After converting the prison's medical bay into a science lab and hiring some medical researchers to assist him, Vischera began experimenting with the Felucian genetic code. He directly altered the DNA of a number of Felucians, using healing stimulants to stabilize the changes he made. With two of his earlier test subjects, Vischera removed their right forearms and caused their upper arms to mutate, allowing him to turn their arms into sharp blades. He also gave them some chitinous scales from a species of rancor and made them stronger and more aggressive. Vischera continued to perfect his alterations on the Felucians and kept subjects from various stages in the evolution alive for further observation. Following months of research, Vischera finally succeeded in creating two fully obedient Felucians. He named them Hagark and Kargrek and, after overseeing their combat training, made them his personal bodyguards. At some point, Vischera also created a new type of virus, which could be contracted by Felucian children, causing their muscles to thin until they ultimately became paralyzed.[1]

After Imperial Admiral Gilder Varth was found to be contacting the Alderaanian Resistance, an anti-Imperial rebel organization, he was detained by the Empire and imprisoned in Vischera's facility. A group of Resistance agents were dispatched to rescue Varth, and they infiltrated the Felucian prison and freed the admiral. However, Vischera was alerted to their presence, and he waited in the facility's command center to confront them, as the agents would have to pass through there if they were to escape from the prison. He stood with his Felucian bodyguards and four stormtroopers, and when the Alderaanian agents finally entered the room, he immediately ordered Hagark and Kargrek to protect him. He then told the stormtroopers to attack the agents and assisted the troopers by firing his blaster pistol at any agents who were proving difficult to take down. However, despite his efforts, Vischera was incapacitated, and the other Imperials were defeated, allowing Varth and the Alderaanian agents to escape from the prison.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Vischera was slender, with hollow cheeks and sunken eyes, giving him a malnourished appearance. He also had spiky hair, which was starting to gray by the time he served as commander of the Felucian prison. Although he was a very intelligent man, he was cruel and sadistic, making him very dangerous and well-suited for Imperial service. He became obsessed with the experiments he carried out on the Felucians to such an extent that they made him partially insane and he was prepared to defend his facility to the death.[1]

Vischera was multilingual; in addition to Basic, he could also speak Bocce, Durese, and High Galactic.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Vischera was created by author Rodney Thompson for The Traitor's Gambit, the first scenario in the Dawn of Defiance campaign, a Wizards of the Coast online supplement to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. In the supplement, the players roleplay as the team of Alderaanian Resistance agents, and it is possible for them to kill Vischera during their encounter with him.


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