Visit to Rancho Obi-Wan was a feature released on the Hyperspace fan club website. It featured a video tour of collector Steve Sansweet's personal museum and various related memorabilia. There were six videos available on the website.


  • Introduction: Steve Sansweet introduces himself and how he became a collector. Sansweet also goes into how Rancho Obi-Wan came into being.
  • Episode Two: Steve discusses the history of Star Wars action figures.
    • Among the items discussed are: the Kenner "Empty Box" promotion, various figures showcases, and ways of collecting the action figures. Vintage commercials are also shown.
  • Episode Three: Steve highlights various arcade games.
    • Among the items discussed are: the first arcade game, arcade games layouts and blueprints, and a pinball game and video game combination machine.
  • Episode Four: Steve covers fan artwork.
  • Episode Five: Steve discusses food collecting.
    • Among the items discussed are: slim sticks, caramel candy, incentive items from food products, and yogurt containers, among other things.
  • Episode Six: Steve highlights school supplies.
    • Among the items discussed are: lunchboxes, notepads, pencil sharpeners, pencil cases, and other products.

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Steve Sansweet is the former Head of Fan Relations and Director of Content Management at Lucasfilm. He is currently the Fan Relations Adviser to Lucasfilm.[1]

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