Vistal Purn was, at one time, the pilot of the Millennium Falcon.


Vistal grew up on Generis on a wilderness ranch that his parents owned and operated, it was on a white-water stretch of the Atrivis River. The ranch was a four-day walk from the closest city, but majority of guests paid extra to be delivered by an Airspeeder. By the time he was 12 years old, Vistal had the responsibility to ferry guests in and out of the ranch and to oversee all of the routine maintenance and upkeep the speeder needed.[1]

His goal was to become a Starship pilot. Instead of going through an Imperial Academy and wasting several years in the Imperial Navy learning to fly TIE Series fighters Vistal decided to take a civilian approach, by apprenticing with several shipping companies and commercial enterprises. He was then hired by the Molpol's Traveling Circus to pilot a Light freighter.[1]

The light freighter that Vistal was assigned to was the Millennium Falcon. To his surprise the Falcon was already part of Molpol's fleet. He grew very fond of the Falcon, but he was attracted to a young aerialist, Sari Danzer. Vistal had asked Sari to travel in the Falcon during a three-day-long trip of realspace transit from the third planet in the system to the seventh. In doing this he worked endlessly to clean the ship to perfection. He even persuaded Dax Doogun to install a Dejarik hologame table, all of his hard work paid off when she said Yes.

As Vistal and Sari sat down to enjoy a romantic dinner, Pirates flying the Blazing Claw attacked. The pirates hijacked the C-9979 landing craft, leaving all of the circus animals on the planet. Since the Falcon was now the largest ship there, Vistal took on the job of making several trips transporting the animals back to Delphon, in doing so Sari fell in love with him and they then got married. After leaving the circus Vistal found that he had lost his taste for piloting. Instead he found a fondness for animals. He worked as a ringmaster for several other circuses and then he eventually found his way into judging pet shows.[1]



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