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This female Sith Saber served as the personal aide of the Sith Lord Viun Gaalan. She joined her Lord when he went to the surface of the planet Dathomir to rendezvous with the Nightsister witches. She introduced Gaalan to the Nightsister leader Dresdema, but was immediately afterward thrust into battle with them after the Nightsisters perceived Gaalan’s being male as an act of treachery. She incapacitated Dresdema with Force lightning while her Sith comrades defeated the remaining witches and their pet rancors. She later remained planetside with Gaalan while the rest of the Sith team brought the Nightsisters back to their fleet of orbiting starships. When the Jedi revealed themselves to the Sith on Dathomir, this female Saber joined Lord Gaalan in his duel with Grand Master Luke Skywalker. During the duel, she redirected her efforts toward Skywalker’s son, Ben, and was later sliced in half by the young Jedi Knight's lightsaber.