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"That's not right!"
―Hardcase, after witnessing a fellow trooper being devoured by the creature[src]

vixus was a stationary, non-sentient creature that originated from Umbara. Thanks to its ropey tentacles that looked like harmless vines, the vixus would ensnare its victims and draw them into its toothy mouth, which had a long grasping tongue shaped like a three-pronged claw.

Several vixus creatures were encountered by the 501st Legion during the Battle of Umbara. One unfortunate clone trooper was devoured by a vixus creature, but was killed when it attempted to do the same to ARC-5555, who dropped a thermal detonator into its open mouth and blew it up from the inside. When chasing the rogue Jedi Master Pong Krell, the clones managed to lure him into the clutches of another vixus which attempted to eat him, but had its tongue and several tentacles severed by the Jedi and was immediately afterwards shot and stunned by trooper Tup.

They shared an ancestry with the rathtar, blixus and sarlacc.[3]

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