A voice disguiser, also known as a voice scrambler or voxscrambler, was a device that modulated the wearer's natural voice to prevent identification of the speaker.


A voice disguiser could mask the bearer's sex, species and age. The types of voice disguiser ranged in price; they were typically used in conjunction with a disguise or over a communications signal, allowing the bearer to remain incognito.


Some armor, such as the set that the bounty hunter Mist wore during the early years of the New Republic, had voice disguisers built into the helmets.[1]

When New Republic Senator Viqi Shesh met with the Yuuzhan Vong collaborator Reck Desh in Kuat City in 25 ABY, she made use of an expensive voice disguiser as she did not wish to divulge her identity.[2]

Yuuzhan Vong technology provided an organic means by which the disguise of one's voice could be accomplished. Rather than merely render the wearer's original voice unrecognizable, however, the Yuuzhan Vong device would provide a new voice entirely.[3]



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