"The vault facility is built into a volcanic mesa, with a single entrance above the magma."
―Katha Niar[src]

The volcanic mesa was a mesa on the planet Makeb that was known for its significant magma chamber that was the site of Stronghold One, a secure facility that contained the planet's treasury. The mesa contained an extensive cave system; the western caverns were known as the Scorching Grotto, and the eastern caves were known as the Sweltering Caverns. A landing pad was established by Makeb's inhabitants on the northern side of the mesa, and the interior was home to a number of native speciesexoboars, underwalkers, and subteroths preyed upon each other in the volcanic caves, attacking anything that trespassed in their territory. During the Conquest of Makeb, Imperial forces detonated explosives throughout the caves to simulate a grounquake and damaged Stronghold One's security. The explosions also damaged the mesa itself, shearing off chunks from the upper portions of the mesa.