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Mustafar hell

The Klegger Corp Mining Facility among several active volcanoes on Mustafar.

Volcanoes were mountains where magma or lava ejected to the surface of planetary bodies. Many planets were tectonically active resulting in volcanic activity. Planets or moons that contained volcanoes include Mustafar,[1] Qat Chrystac,[2] Lwhekk,[3] Mima II,[4] Velusia, [5] Selvaris[6], Haariden[7], Nallastia[8], Sullust[9], Abeloth's planet[10], Upekzar[11], Sunspot[12], Taspir III, and Eol Sha. Hoth contained volcanoes at the time of the Cold War.[13]

On Coruscant, a volcano nearly caused the extinction of the Zhell during their war with the Taungs, as it destroyed their primary city on the planet and spit ash in the air for two standard years.[14]




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