Vollot was an Imperial bombtrooper sergeant in the Empire's Stormtrooper Corps, shortly after the Battle of Hoth.


In charge of the bomb squad dispatched to Bespin's Cloud City by Captain Hugo Treece, he was tasked with scanning disarming bombs set there by revolting Ugnaughts after the Empire took over Cloud City. Although he intended to do his duty, he nonetheless was suspicious of the circumstances behind the revolt and thus proceeded to briefly question Treece as to why the Ugnaughts decided to turn traitor, as the Ugnaughts from their reports have always been law-abiding workers, although Treece told him it was "none of [his] concern." Vollot and his bombtroopers were killed when a talking bomb tricked them into killing themselves by arming the bomb rather than disarming it.

Behind the scenesEdit

Vollot was created by David Michelinie, Walter Simonson and Tom Palmer.