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Vondrel was a city located on the planet Meastrinnar and a sister city to the similarly-named Vondrol. An insurgency against the Galactic Empire took root on Meastrinnar at the time of the Galactic Civil War. During the pacification campaign that the Empire undertook against this rebellion, the Imperial Security Bureau discovered a group of spies affiliated with the Alliance to Restore the Republic who were operating in Vondrol.

A squad of stormtroopers led by Vin Northal was ordered to eliminate the cell, but the ISB transmission was incorrectly decoded. This particular development resulted in the stormtroopers conducting a raid against an orphanage in Vondrel. Because they had been ordered to kill every living being within the structure and were relying solely on infrared sensors, Northal and his men killed dozens of sleeping children before they realized what they were doing. Upon recognizing this, Northal ordered an immediate withdrawal, but the media networks portrayed the raid on the orphanage as a victory for the Empire despite what the stormtroopers had done. The reaction of Northal's superiors was similar in nature, however, the debacle ultimately resulted in Northal's decision to leave the Imperial Military for the Alliance.


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