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"This year, our Padawan [sic] will enjoy the opportunity to care for a class pet, this voorpak from Naboo. Students will make sure the voorpak's soft fur stays clean and feed the voorpak its diet of live insects."
―Jedi academy welcome-back handout[src]

Voorpee was a male voorpak, on loan from the Naboo Zoo to the Coruscant Jedi Academy, a Jedi academy on the planet Coruscant circa 195 BBY. The voorpak was introduced to the school by the zoo as a means of teaching students responsibility in caring for a pet, as well as learning about the biology and habits of the species. Students at the academy were encouraged to care for Voorpee at the academy's care center, feeding him a preferred diet of live insects and keeping his soft fur clean. Voorpee quickly proved popular with most of the academy's students, but suffered at the hands of two school bullies who tortured the creature by taking him for unauthorized "walks" and stuffing him in a school locker. Despite the abuse he suffered, he was allowed to return to the next school year, but was used as part of a prank that resulted in hundreds of clones of him being set loose at a school talent show.


Academy arrivalEdit

"Class Pet 'Voorpee' Delights and Teaches"
―Headline in The Padawan Observer, Vol. MXIII #1[src]

Voorpee was a male voorpak, a small, fuzzy creature[1] native[3] to the Mid Rim[4] planet Naboo.[3] Circa 195 BBY,[2] he was temporarily on loan from the Naboo Zoo to the Coruscant Jedi Academy, a Jedi academy on Coruscant, the Galactic Republic's capital planet,[5] as a class pet, arriving at the Jedi academy with the other students at the beginning of the school year. He was part of the academy's class pet program, established by Gaiana, a female Human student in attendance at the academy, who was excited about caring for Voorpee, as she had once visited Naboo and saw a number of voorpaks.[1] The Jedi academy was located within the Jedi Temple,[6] the Jedi Order's headquarters,[7] a number of Padawans trained here under[1] Jedi Master[6] Yoda and various other Jedi.[6] Voorpee delighted the students at the academy, who enjoyed taking care of him, and an article was written about him in the school newspaper, The Padawan Observer. The article described how the class pet program offered the opportunity to study Voorpee's behavior and mannerisms, while also learning about the diets and natural habitats of voorpaks. Students were allowed to care for Voorpee at the school's care center, where one of the regular tasks was keeping his soft fur clean. Gaiana was often assisted in caring for the voorpak by Roan Novachez, a second-year student with something of a crush on her. Novachez became fond of the voorpak despite being scared of the insects which made up its diet.[1]

Victim of bullyingEdit

Voorpee on a leash

Voorpee is led around on a leash by the bullies Cronah and Cyrus.

"Look at his fur. We should hide him in someone's locker…"
―Cronah discussing plans for bullying Voorpee[src]

Cronah and Cyrus, two Zabrak bullies in the same class as Gaiana and Novachez, saw Voorpee merely as an opportunity for amusement. These two had often bullied other students at the academy, and extended their bullying to this defenseless animal. In the first semester of the school year, following a field trip to the snow-covered[1] Outer Rim[4] planet Hoth, they poked at him with a pencil, causing him to hiss and puff out his fur, and threatened to hide him in someone's locker. In the second semester, Novachez, who had fallen out with his regular group of friends, joined the two Zabraks while they took Voorpee for a "walk," placing him on a leash and yanking him around, despite it being against class rules to take him out of the care center. While Novachez did not actively bully the creature, he did nothing to stop it. Gaiana and Pasha, a Human male that had also been one of Novachez's friends, chastised them for having Voorpee out, but to no effect.[1]

Voorpee rescued

Voorpee is rescued by Roan Novachez.

Soon afterward, Voorpee went missing, kidnapped by Cronah and Cyrus and placed within Cyrus's locker. The kidnapping was quickly noticed and reported in The Padawan Observer, Vol. MXIII #8. Novachez fell under suspicion, given his changed behavior and previous affiliation with the creature. He suggested that Gaiana might have done it, given how much she liked Voorpee, mainly to try to further impress Cronah and Cyrus. However, realizing they did not really care about his feelings and with Voorpee having been missing for around a week, he decided to try to rescue the voorpak. Using a Force power he sensed a disturbance in Cronah's locker and discovered that the two bullies had made good on their threat. Fortunately for Voorpee, he knew Cronah's combination and was able to rescue the hungry voorpak, but Gaiana discovered him with the creature and blamed him for what had happened. Novachez, not wanting to argue with her, went to tell Master Yoda what had happened, taking the blame for the theft himself. He was made to write a letter of apology to the Naboo Zoo by Yoda, though Cronah and Cyrus were both eventually discovered and placed on academic suspension for their role in theft.[1]

Return to schoolEdit

"How could Voorpee have gotten so far so fast?! It's impossible!"
―Roan is puzzled after Voorpee is found on the soccer field after he just returned him to his cage[src]

The following school year, commencing approximately 194 BBY[8] Voorpee was again loaned out to the Jedi academy after the class visited the Naboo Zoo for a field trip. Gaiana was still fond of the creature and when Cronah saw her carrying him in one of the school's hallways, he teased her about her "new pet," which was actually a reference to Novachez, who was walking with her at the time. Novachez continued spending time with the voorpak and felt that it was warming up to him and that it did not have anything to do with the extra treats he had been feeding him.[9]

Later that year, Voorpee was secretly made part of an experiment by long-time bully Cronah and Ronald Rinzler, a fellow student at the school who styled himself as a politician. The two created numerous clones of Voorpee, then used them to play pranks. Novachez was caring for Voorpee when he found that each time he left the voorpak in his cage, one of his friends would run up to him to inform him that it had escaped and they had seen it elsewhere in the school. He was given a lecture regarding keeping a better eye on Voorpee by his personal Jedi Master, Mr. Garfield, who was not willing to listen to his explanation.[9]

Talent show chaosEdit

Cloned voorpak chaos

A talent show is disrupted by hundreds of clones of Voorpee.

"Another Voorpee?! Wait! There can't be two Voorpees!"
―Roan observes the chaos of the prank being pulled on him[src]

Cronah and Rinzler's success with their first prank inspired them them to greater heights, unleashing chaos at a school talent show. During the show, Novachez and Gaiana attempted to perform a talent act with Voorpee. Though they had worked hard training the voorpak and expected a smooth act, he would not respond to any of their commands such as "jump" or "roll over" and then, to their great embarrassment, leaped onto Gaiana and urinated on her head. As Novachez apologized to Gaiana, he spotted a second voorpak interfering with Cyrus's hula hoop act. The auditorium was soon overrun with hundreds of clones and Cyrus's arm was broken during the melee. Gaiana later took the clones with her to the Naboo Zoo during her spring break, though they were not able to accept them all. She gave all but one of the remaining to a Voorpak Rescue Organization, keeping the last as her personal pet. It was not until towards the end of the school year that Cronah and Rinzler were discovered to be the ones responsible for the prank.[9]

Personality and traitsEdit

Hissing Voorpee

When angered, Voorpee could puff out his fur.

"He really likes you! It's like he wants to live in your pocket…"
"Yeah, heh heh!"
―Gaiana observing Voorpee behaving affectionately towards Roan Novachez[src]

Voorpee had a coat of soft orange and white fur. He did not actually answer to the name Voorpee, but was responsive to cute noises. He was known to puff up and hiss when angry, but otherwise was largely passive and became somewhat worn down and weary following his abuse at the hands Cronah and Cyrus.[1] He possessed some intelligence and was able to learn tricks, and also cared for those who took care of him and gave him treats.[9] His favorite food was live insects.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Voorpee first appeared in Jedi Academy: Return of the Padawan, which was released in 2014 by author and artist Jeffrey Brown,[1] and was again featured in Jedi Academy: The Phantom Bully, a 2015 title.[9] The titles feature a non-canon look on student life at a Jedi academy, borrowing heavily on elements found in the mythos of Star Wars Legends, but often presenting a humorous take on events.[10] Voorpee and his clones are the only pets featured within the series[9] and are among other pet voorpaks within the Star Wars franchise, such as Dotty,[11] Sanani[12] and Taezii.[13] The character was inspired in part by author Jeffrey Brown's experience with class pets in school that ate insects and, like Roan Novachez, he has something of an insect phobia. Despite the bullying suffered by Voorpee, Brown confirmed in an interview that one or more school pets would be featured in the third book in the series, Jedi Academy: The Phantom Bully.[10] The school pet in question turned out to be Voorpee himself, who made a return appearance to the school.[9]


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