Vor'en Kurn was a blue-skinned[2] Human mercenary who wore a modified Kubaz facemask to protect his identity.



Kurn during the Clone Wars

Following the Battle of Naboo, Vor'en Kurn joined a group of freedom fighters who helped clean up after the broken Trade Federation blockade of the planet. While working, Kurn was hit by a blast from a Destroyer droid which was scheduled for decommission. He was then rescued by a Wookiee named Rorworr, who resided on Naboo.

At some point after 22 BBY during the galactic conflict known as the Clone Wars, Kurn joined the Galactic Republic and worked alongside clone troopers.[3]

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While Vor'en Kurn was originally drawn with light skin, his image was reprinted in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition Core Rulebook with a blue tint, though he was still labeled as Human. The change was confirmed in Galaxy of Intrigue, which describes him as being a "blue-skinned elite trooper" in an Example of Play.


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