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Vor-cal Festivities

The Vor-cal was an annual safari hunt attended by each house of the Tapani sector as well as other prominent institutions. Each year a different house sponsored the Vor-cal and hosted the pre-hunt festivities onboard their orbital hunting lodge. A popular place to hold the Vor-cal was on Vycinyth’s moon of Vilhon. The night before the Vor-cal a grand feast was held by the hosting house whose representative opens with a speech that introduces the participant and announces the target prey for that year. When House Melantha hosted the event prior to the Battle of Endor the target prey was the Rodian Karstag. On this occasion the hunt was staged at the House Melantha's orbital hunting lodge

Following the Pelagian purge House Pelagia boycotted the Vor-cal each year House Melantha or House Mecetti sponsored the event.

Notable ParticipantsEdit


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