Voria Sergar was a female sergeant of the Rebel Alliance. She served as a slicer and pilot in the Karthakk system.


Voria Sergar was a slave at a young age when her slave master abandoned her on the planet Lok. She wandered the barren, dusty planet for several months, surviving many near-death situations. When she was finally found by the Rebel officer Isnal Roran, she was battered and bruised.

Sergar became a member of the Rebel Alliance on Lok and quickly ascended the Alliance's ranks. She proved to be a skillful slicer, her abilities and fluidity with slicing and manipulating computers were considered great assets to the Rebellion. She also trained to be a pilot. and earned her wings.

She was killed in the Karthakk system when her ship was struck by an Imperial missile. It was said that each member of the Rebellion, no matter how far away, felt her passing. The fourth quadrant of the Karthakk system was named Voria's Ember in her honor.