Vorknkx Project Base was the primary research base for the project of the same name. It was where the Corellian corvette, Vorknkx was housed.


The Vorknkx Project Base was the primary research station for the project of the same name. It consisted of two XQ5 Platforms V1 and V2 and a number of Probes that would record data during demonstrations. The ultimate goal of the project was to produce a cloaking device that would be small enough to make Imperial starfighters invisible. The liklihood of success was low, but it was a gamble worth trying should a breakthrough be achieved. Due to the far reaching consequences of such progress, only Palpatine, Grand Admiral Zaarin and the project staff acknowledged its existence.

When Zaarin betrayed Palpatine and began his insurrection against the Empire, he sought whatever technological advantage he could muster and the Vorknkx project was one of those he sought out. He sent the Nebulon-B2 frigate Z-Borus to capture the base. The attack was driven of by Tan Maarek Stele in a Missile Boat but the site was compromised and therefore the base was evacuated while under attack again by Zaarin's forces. The testbed and the staff were relocated to To-phalion Base an exhausted Asteroid facility where the project could continue until Zaarin stole the testbed from the base.