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Vorn Daasrad
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«You don't know who you deal with, do you? I take time to explain it to you, but it hot out here so I just kill you instead.»
―Vorn Daasrad[src]

Vorn Daasrad was a Gamorrean Overseer of the GenoHaradan during the Jedi Civil War. He was always accompanied by his trusted assault droid, the two making a deadly pair. Daasrad was known to hone his bounty hunting skills by facing nonsentient creatures, such as mighty krayt dragons, single-handedly.

The identities of the four GenoHaradan Overseers were meant to remain unknown even to each other, but Overseer Hulas managed to learn that Daasrad was among the number. Hulas consequently attempted to enlist Revan to assassinate him, claiming that Daasrad was a freelance bounty hunter who sadistically tortured his targets and could cause a significant amount of political damage.

Behind the scenesEdit

This character will only appear if the player takes the dark side quest of eliminating him.

In that case, Revan and the crew of the Ebon Hawk discovered Daasrad's droid and speeder in Sand People Territory on Tatooine. They disabled the droid and planted a frag mine on the swoop bike. Fortunately for Vorn, he repaired his droid and discovered the explosive before it went off. Though Vorn was crafty enough to escape slaughter by the bomb, he only forestalled his assassination, as Revan destroyed the droid and killed him. Another possibility is that Revan reprogrammed Vorn's droid to hunt its master down, and they all confronted Vorn before the Gamorrean returned from his hunt.

The player actually has an opportunity to offer Vorn the chance to surrender and be taken alive, an offer Vorn refuses. Even if this is done, the player receives Dark Side points when Vorn is defeated.


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