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Biological classification




Physical characteristics
Average length

1-10 meters in diameter[1]


Stationary, strong tongue[1]

Sociocultural characteristics

Many, preferably swamps[1]



The voroos were a non-sentient species of stationary reptilian predator found throughout the galaxy. They lacked any limbs and so could not chase prey, relying on camouflage and use of their strong tongues to capture prey and pull them into a their large mouths. It was believed by zoologists that the palak species of beetles were involved in Voroos reproduction, but the subject was poorly understood.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Voroos were a non-sentient, six-eyed, predatory species of reptiles. Measuring between one and ten meters in diameter, voroos camouflaged themselves to look like natural geographical features such as mossy hills and half submerged tree trunks in swamps or bare rocks and sand dunes in deserts. Lacking limbs, the voroos had large maws relative to the rest of their body, which were full of teeth and a strong, dexterous, tongue. Voroos' teeth were not particularly dangerous, but made it difficult to remove anything from their mouths without damaging it.[1]


Voroos preferred moist environments like swamps, but were able to live in almost any habitat including areas as extreme as deserts and tundras. They depended on their camouflage to catch prey, as they were unable to chase them due to their lack of legs. When a meal approached, voroos would wrap their tongues around the prey to pull it into their gaping mouths. Zoologists were unsure exactly how voroos reproduced, although they believed that near-microscopic beetles named palaks shared a large amount of their genome with voroos, and after swapping genetic material with them, carried the predators' fertilized gametes to new environments. This theory was the subject of some study, but was poorly understood.[1]

Voroos in the galaxyEdit

Voroos could be found on many planets across the galaxy. Their mechanism of reproduction was not understood by Zoologists, but theories involving the palak species of beetle existed.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Voroos were mentioned in Creatures of the Galaxy, a sourcebook for West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game released in 1994. The concept and illustration of the voroos was provided by Tom O'Neill, while the creature was designed by Chuck Truett.


Notes and referencesEdit

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