Vossport was the capital city of the Wild Space planet Weik. Established by the planet's colonists when the planet was first settled, Vossport was the planet's center of civilization and cultural center.


Established by the survivors of the colony ship which crashed into the Rimesea in ancient times, Vossport was the cultural center of Weik. Encased within white stone walls, Vossport was prestigious and powerful despite the criminal element that brewed just beneath the surface. A port city and major trading hub for the region, wind-ships moved exotic goods to and from the city across Weik's great oceans to distant lands and seaside villages.[1]

Made up of several districts and neighborhoods, the oldest and richest buildings were constructed from durasteel salvaged from the colony ship, whose skeleton stood just off of the shore of the Docklands in the Rimesea. Buildings overlooking the ports were the safest and sturdiest, while shanties had begun to pop up along either side of the walls. Commercial centers like the Fishmarket and the Crafts Quarter were located around the port and the city gates. The Guild Hall was the meeting place of the trade guilds which governed the city, enabling commerce across the sea.[1]


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