Votrad was a city on Brentaal, and site of the greatest starport of the planet, Votrad Independent Downport. It was also the site of Brentaal's largest entertainment venue, the 100,000-seat arena Votrad Stadium with its 500-meter-long stage. Other available entertainment venues on Votrad included Downport Arena.


During the Galactic Civil War, the Empire controlled the spaceports on Votrad, using a great staff of custom officers. Thanks to the actions of one of them, Dalea Trovin, the Empire raided a huge Alliance warehouse full of raw materials.

Although the Empire tried to keep control of smuggling, different crime lords, such as Sybar, fought each other trying to control underworld life at Votrad Independent Downport.

During the height of the Empire, Votrad Stadium was used to produce several performances of the Brentaali opera Kallea Cycle. Its great stage, it was considered, allowed for a great deal of realism and activity within the huge sets required.



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