"So, what brings a mammal such as yourself to the hives of Geonosis?"
―Vrixx'tt, to a group of fugitives on the run from the Hutt Teemo[src]

Vrixx'tt was a Gand male who served as one of his people's findsmen, a Force-sensitive bounty hunting tradition. During the Galactic Civil War, Vrixx'tt attended a private party that was held by the Geonosian noble Duke Piddock, of the Gogum Hive. Vrixx'tt hoped to negotiate a weapons deal with Piddock on behalf of a group of Gand bounty hunters, but he kept his true agenda hidden from the other attendees and claimed to be a representative of an informal organization that sort to promote the interests of insectoid sentient species across the galaxy. During the event, Vrixx'tt spoke privately with Piddock, and he also encountered a group of fugitives who were on the run from the Hutt crime lord Teemo. Via his wrist-mounted communicator, the Gand learned that Teemo had posted a bounty on the fugitives. When group left the party, Vrixx'tt followed them and ambushed the fugitives on the landing platform Gantry AA7, as they headed back to their starship.