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Vrox was the governor of Mandalore before the time of the Clone Wars. He was a secret supporter of Palpatine while he was still a senator, and comments by Fenn Shysa could be interpreted that Vrox was aware of his dual nature as a Senator and Dark Lord of the Sith. Some time before the Clone Wars began, Vrox authorized a series of raids by the on nearby systems to plunder them of valuables and riches. When a Republican Army task force, aided by Jedi troops, attempted to bring his raids to an end, Vrox ordered his forces to engage the Galactic Republic army with little concern for civilian casualties, in fact ordering his own forces to use siege weapons to kill the forces in the Mandalorian capital city. The ensuing Battle of Mandalore was bloody and concluded with the near annihilation of the Mandalorian forces and the capture of Vrox.