"I think I've told you all about my hand-to-hand instructor in the commandos, the one who could throw me around as though I were a dust rag without even letting me see her sweat."
Kell Tainer on Vula Nelprin.[src]

Vula Nelprin was a Human female hand-to-hand combat instructor for the New Republic. She was the sister of Wraith Squadron pilot Shalla Nelprin, and the daughter of Old Republic intelligence officer Vyn Narcassan. She also served as a hand-to-hand combat instructor for Kell Tainer when he served in the commandos. She reportedly could throw him around like ragdoll and not even break a sweat. She eventually married and had a son named Wran Narcassan, who was at odds with his father. Deeming his father an unsuitable role model, Wran changed his last name in honor of Vula's father Vyn.