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For other uses, see 327.
"And back again is the mighty Dud Bolt with that incredible machine - the Vulptereen 327!"
Fode Annodue[src]

The Vulptereen 327 was a Podracer model created by the Vulptereen species. Some manuals referred to it as the RS 557. The Vulptereen pilot Dud Bolt owned a Vulptereen 327, and used it during the Boonta Eve Classic of 32 BBY. During the third lap, Bolt intentionally slammed his pod into the Podracer of competitor Ark Roose. Although Roose crashed, Bolt crashed his own pod as well. Bolt later returned to racing with a Vulptereen 327. Another pilot used a Vulptereen 327 during the Vinta Harvest Classic race on the planet Malastare.

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