Vurrha's Blood was a criminal organization lead by the Quarren crime lord Vurrha Chur. Its base of operation was in Mos Eisley on Tatooine. The name of the group was derived from both the initiation ceremony where Chur would cut himself and smear his blood across the new hire's face, and from the tattoos the members wore - a red circle with a black teardrop inside.


Chur and his associates were known to do business all around and through Hutt Space, anywhere from Kessel to Ryloth, but their leader preferred to keep toward the Outer Rim, not wishing to risk any more attention from the galactic government than absolutely necessary. Chur specialized in sabotage, bounty hunting, low-end loan sharking, and occasional extortion.

Vurrha Chur's operation attracted low-level commoners, thugs, and soldiers, but also ambitious criminals. The core of the organization consisted of Chur, his head enforcer and right hand, Ereen Agar; his business manager and book keeper Sevv Sunb; and his personal bodyguard, Menugg. His other employees were generally poor and unskilled. At all times, Chur would try to make sure that his subordinates were at odds with each other most of the time: divide and conquer.